Motorcycle Kevlar Jeans
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Layla Armoured Motorcycle Kevlar Jeans Designed and Stuffed Quality


EVOQE specializes in motorcycle clothing especially Kevlar Jeans. Their bike jeans are designed and stuffed in the UK highlighting an ergonomic fit for providing comfort to the rider. The structure and reliability along with the required safety features of the finished product are tested in real-time riding conditions to better get the real feedback over our products which adds value to EVOQE products to compete in the race of motorcycle clothing over the UK. Best part is, it’s not only the men’s motorcycle clothing but EVOQE also has slim fit motorcycle riding jeans for women with a stylish front whisker design and full featured contemporary cloth easily washable. Layla Armoured motorcycle kevlar jeans is a fully featured product stuffed with stretched and comfortable denim fabric that is tailored and stitched in a way that it looks more like a regular fashion jeans but, it has full features of a protective and comfortable motorcycle jeans. Layla Armoured Motorcycle Jeans is made with special lining of CE L2 approved aramid fabric stitched in high impact areas like knees, hips and the area outside of thighs to protect the rider from abrasion and resist against the tough road abrasion during fall.
A 13 Oz rock solid stretch denim texture as the external shell is being used in EVOQE’s motorbike Kevlar jeans that is stitched as a strong lining utilizing solid 4 4 ply polyester fabric thread  that is specially used in the Kevlar jeans for maintaining astounding crease quality. Solid creases are the main line of guard in an accident as they hold the external texture together just as the internal protective aramid lining.  Motorbike jeans have either double-stitched outer steam or a multi-layered construction inside the crease maintenance to guarantee that the stitched fabric will hold to protect rider from injury and abrasion in case of an accident. Another specialty of Layla Armoured motorbike jeans uk is its no rivets feature which fights against scratch during riding. Further offering the style, 2 large front and back pockets on the jeans with tapered leg bottom style makes this motorcycle wear stunning with shoe boots. 
EVOQE utilizes high-density DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid in the internal lining of motorcycle jeans which helps the Motorcycle jeans products to give maximum protection and comfort giving an extra confidence to the rider to ride the motorcycle with full confidence.